About Aberdare Community School

Aberdare Community School (Welsh: Ysgol Gymunedol Aberdâr) is a secondary school located in Aberdare, Wales. The school was formed in September 2014 as part of a merger between Aberdare High School, Aberdare Girls' School and Blaengwawr Comprehensive School.


Formation of Aberdare Community School

It was announced in 2012 that Aberdare High School, Aberdare Girls' School and Blaengwawr Comprehensive School would merge to form a new 'super-school'.  The construction of the new £50m campus began on the Michael Sobell Sports Centre site in 2013 with the intentions of creating a unified education, leisure and community hub.

After several delays, the intended September 2014 opening date of the new 1,600 pupil building was pushed back to April 2015 with the formation of Aberdare Community School still set for September 2014.

Blaengwawr Comprehensive, Aberdare High and Aberdare Girls' schools were closed at the end of the Summer Term 2014.


State of the Art building

Aberdare Community School's building contains state of the art facilities, providing pupils with access to high tech equipment, creating for them opportunities to refine their talents.  The building cost around £50 million to build, though the running track is still under construction due to issues with demolishing the Sobell Sports Centre.  

Within the building there are two MAC suites, a drama studio, over 4 computer suites, along with specialist science classrooms.  The school also features a university style lecture theatre, which is used for many purposes, and can seat around 120.  

The school is built attached to the new Aberdare Public Swimming Pool, helping pupils access the public facilities available.