At Aberdare Community School, through PSE shut- down days, visits, talks and experiences, we aim to provide comprehensive and progressive career and higher education guidance to all pupils.

In conjunction with external agencies, such as Careers Wales and RCT Employment Education and Training Team, ACT, local universities and further education colleges and with the support of local businesses and employers, we support our pupils in many ways.

We assist them in exploring their career aspirations and help make informed decisions about subject choices, further and higher education, alternative pathways and future employment. This ensures that our students undertake a learning pathway that is tailored for them and offers them an experience which serves to help them to:

  • Understand how important sensible career choices are made through having the right information from experts in their field of careers and the world of work;

  • Gain valuable work experience;

  • Make informed decisions about subject choices;

  • Understand how their strengths, interests and personality fit together to enable them to make informed decisions;

  • Consider university options and alternatives to higher education such as employment and apprenticeships so that they pursue the correct learning pathway for them.

Links to:

Latest careers news and events

Jobs Board & current vacancies


Employment Links & Schemes

Other careers based websites:

  • www.icould.com – aims to help you to make the most of your potential by showing how others have used theirs, take the ‘Buzz’ personality profile quiz.

  • www.startprofile.com – investigate careers, watch videos and get great advice, find out about employers and work experience opportunities in your area.

  • www.careersbox.co.uk – video based job profile information and skills explorer tool.

  • www.successatschool.org – gives clear and comprehensive information about a range of Career Zones (sectors), in an easy to access format. Students can create a profile to help to collate useful information. ’60 second interviews’ giving profile of professionals, provide a useful insight into specific careers.

  • www.how2become.com – offers detailed advice on how to access a range of sectors. Also offers the purchase of resources, compiled in conjunction with professionals working in these fields, designed to enable you to achieve your dream career or course. A selection of these books and online psychometric testing access have been supplied to the School by How2Become.

  • www.careerswales.com – a good general careers website and job profile database.

  • www.fasttomato.com – an interactive careers website to help with ‘careers matching’ programme to help with career choice (log in for a free guest pass).

  • www.notgoingtouni.co.uk – opportunities that exist outside of university.

  • www.ucas.com – information about university courses on offer, also the Stamford test to help with ideas about subjects to study.

  • www.russellgroup.ac.uk – represents 24 leading universities, source of careers information & advice including ‘informed choices’ a downloadable guide to making post 16 choices.

  • www.prospects.ac.uk – find out which areas you could access after a particular degree.

  • MyCareerSpringboard.org – Springboard is for students. It is divided into two main sections: the Career Test and the Career Exploration Tool. In tandem, these two interactive tools allow students to find some career inspiration and gain an insight into their different career options.

  • www.jobapplications.co.uk – this site has useful videos, demonstrating how to complete the online applications for many top companies in the UK, as well as providing detailed information on salaries and interviews. Applications forms can be printed off directly from this site.

  • jobs.telegraph.co.uk/careers – lots of information about specific sectors as well as advice on how to create a CV and prepare for interviews.

  • www.allaboutschoolleavers.co.uk – displays current apprenticeship and school leaver programme opportunities, to the latest school leaver job news, and gives career journey advice.

  • www.allAboutApprenticeships.co.uk – gives live apprenticeship vacancies, organised by sector or area. Also offers plenty of advice on making applications.

  • www.careerswales.com/en/cap/traineeships/ - Careers Wales search engine for traineeships.