Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Carol Morgans


Senior Deputy Headteacher

Michelle Pearce

Deputy Headteacher

Michelle Pearce


Assistant Headteachers


Karen Leyshon

Christopher Lovell


Emma Harris

Tara Neale


Director of Pupil Progress

Steffan Williams


Teaching Staff


Nicholas Comerford - Leader of Learning
Angharad Edwards




Laura Wooller - Leader of Personal Effectiveness and Enterprise


 Design & Technology

Nicola Pugh - Leader of Learning
Carrie Roberts - 2nd in department
Aaron Harding
Rhian Marchant



Jacqueline Marrable - Leader of Learning
Claire Woodfine - 2nd in department
Emma Harris - Assistant Head teacher
Graham Heath
Chris Lovell - Assistant Head teacher
Heidi Mills - Literacy Skills/Asst. Progress Leader Year 10
Seren Morgans - Leader of Learning Media Studies
Emma Rees
Kayleigh Walker - Leader of Learning of Performing Arts
Claire Williams
Francesca Evans




Stephen Alexander - Leader of Learning
Lindsey Davies
Kelly Silcox



Nathan Keeble - Leader of Learning/Healthy Schools and Pupil Voice Co-ordinator
Sarah Jane Horler - ESDGC/ Asst Progress Leader for Year 8


Computing & Information Technology

Matthew Hills - Leader of Learning
James Jones - Asst. Progress Leader Year 9



Nia Innes - Leader of Learning
Stephen Davies - 2nd in department
Levi Baynham-Plant - Numeracy Skills Co-ordinator
Stephen Hepple
Karen Leyshon - Assistant Head teacher
Tara Neale - Assistant Head teacher
Gareth Pritlove
Jeremy Rugman - Maths and Science

Modern Foreign Languages

Deborah Hope - Leader of Learning
Emma Feehan - Spanish/Asst Progress Leader for Year 11
Fiona Martin
Gemma Stenner



Rowland Gibbs - Director of Learning Music & Culture
Stephen Edwards - 2nd in department
Scott Baker - Music peripatetic
David Fortey - Music peripatetic
Mark Galozi Hibbert - Music peripatetic
Corey Morris - Music peripatetic


Performing Arts

Kayleigh Walker - Leader of Learning
Emma Harris - Assistant Headteacher


Personal effectiveness & enterprise

Laura Wooller - Leader of Personal Effectiveness, Enterprise & CoPE. 2nd in department for WBQ


Physical Education

Andy Price - Director of Learning Sport & Well-being
Samantha Watkins - 2nd in Department Leader of Learning for PE
Mark Addis - PE/Humanities
Stacey Lyons - PE / Humanities/ Acting Progress Leader Year 8
Richard Sheppeard - Progress Leader Year 7
Alison Smith - Progress Leader Year 10
Gavin Williams - Rugby Coach


Religious Studies

Mark Roberts - Leader of Learning
Jaclyn Bowes - Rights Respecting Schools Co-ordinator
Rebecca Thapa
Alex Jones



Joanne Nicholls - Leader of Learning
Judith Parry - 2nd in department
Samantha Edmunds
Darren Jones
Jessica Francis - Science & Maths
Sally Manders
Bethan Eacott - Science & Maths
Carys Pearce - Asst. Progress Leader Year 7


Welsh Baccalaureate

Charlie Smith - Leader of Learning Welsh Baccalaureate



Sarah Frederick - Leader of Learning
Shaunna Dummett - 2nd in department
Catrin Hendy - Progress Leader Year 9
Dale Lloyd - Progress Leader Year 11
Steffan Williams - Director of Pupil Progress


Support Staff

Senior Administration

Finance Director - Mark Davies
Office Manager - Nicola Hughes
Information Technology Manager - Lee Powell
Head’s Personal Assistant/Finance/Clerk to GB - Alison Phillips
ALNCO - Tracy Philpot
Data Officer - Maureen Keating
Examinations’ Officer - Julie Purslow


Office Administration

Attendance Officer - Debbie Allen
Senior Reprographics Officer - Tracey Danter
Administration assistant, EMA - Jackie Wakefield
Administration assistant - Michelle Evans



Information Technology Technician - Matthew Whitcombe
Senior Science Technician - Richard George
Science Technician - John Lewis
Technician for Food, Textiles and Art - Paul Williams
Technician for Engineering & Product Design - Ian Evans


Pastoral Support Assistants

Rebecca Monaghan - Team Leader - Year 10 Pastoral Support Assistant
Sian Edmunds - Year 9 Pastoral Support Assistant
Janine Bluck - Year 7 Pastoral Support Assistant
Jenna Ford - Year 11 Pastoral Support Assistant
Nicola Jones - Year 8 Pastoral Support Assistant


Learning Coaches

Allyn Jones


Cover Supervisors

Louise Giboney
Nina Lambert

Learning Support : Literacy And Numeracy

Karen Styling - Team Leader
Nicola Morgan



Debbie Bevan


Learning Support: SNSA Individual Support

Helen Watts - Team Leader
Jeff Cleaton
Emma Davies
Nathan Finch
Jo Rees
Samantha Stevens
Nicky Weston
Sarah Williams
Clare Wride


ASTRA & SIRIUS Communication Disorder Unit

Helen Morgan - Teacher
Hayley Searle - Teacher
Sarah Awad - Learning Support Assistant
Caroline Evans - Learning Support Assistant
Gwyneira Evans - Learning Support Assistant
Louise Furlong - Learning Support Assistant
Kevin Morgan - Learning Support Assistant
Louise Morris - Learning Support Assistant
Amanda Pugh - Learning Support Assistant



Site Manager - Martyn Griffiths
Caretaker - Richard Williams


Behaviour Support

Chris Lagier - Behaviour Support Teacher
Conor Miles - L.S.A