Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Carol Morgans


Deputy Headteacher

Michelle Pearce


Assistant Headteachers


Karen Leyshon

Christopher Lovell


Emma Harris

Steffan Williams


Tara Neale


Teaching Staff


Nicholas Comerford - Leader of Learning
Angharad Edwards
Kelly Hek



Laura Wooller - Leader of Personal Effectiveness and Enterprise


 Design & Technology

Louise Webb - Leader of Learning
Carrie Roberts - 2nd in department
Nicola Pugh
Rachel Ellis
Aaron Harding
Sara Jones - Progress Leader for Year 7
Rhian Marchant



Claire Woodfine - Leader of Learning
Jo Abbott - 2nd in department/Literacy Co-ordinator
Emma Harris - Assistant Head teacher
Graham Heath
Chris Lovell - Assistant Head teacher
Heidi Mills
Seren Morgans - Leader of Learning Media Studies
Emma Rees
Kayleigh Walker - Leader of Learning of Performing Arts
Claire Williams
Jess Williams - Assistant Progress Leader for Year 11




Stephen Alexander - Leader of Learning
Lindsey Davies
Greg Lawrence - Assistant Progress Leader for Year 9



Nathan Keeble - Leader of Learning/Healthy Schools and Pupil Voice Co-ordinator
Sarah Jane Horler - ESDGC/ Asst Progress Leader for Year 8


Computing & Information Technology

Matthew Hills - Leader of Learning
James Jones



Nia Innes - Leader of Learning
Stephen Davies - 2nd in department
Levi Baynham - Numeracy Skills Co-ordinator
Stephen Hepple
Helen Hodge
Ellisha Hughes
Karen Leyshon - Assistant Head teacher
Tara Neale - Assistant Head teacher
Gareth Pritlove
Charlotte Ridley
Jeremy Rugman - Maths and Science

Modern Foreign Languages

Deborah Hope - Leader of Learning
Emma Feehan - Spanish/Law/Asst Progress Leader for Year 10
Matthew Jones - Assistant Head teacher
Fiona Martin
Gemma Stenner



Rowland Gibbs - Director of Learning Music & Culture
Stephen Edwards - 2nd in department
Phil Juliff - Progress Leader for years 12/13
Scott Baker - Music peripatetic
David Fortey - Music peripatetic
Mark Galozi Hibbert - Music peripatetic
Charlotte Gibbs - Music peripatetic
Laura James - Music peripatetic
Corey Morris - Music peripatetic


Performing Arts

Kayleigh Walker - Leader of Learning
Emma Harris - Assistant Headteacher


Personal effectiveness & enterprise

Laura Wooller - Leader of Personal Effectiveness, Enterprise & CoPE. 2nd in department for WBQ


Physical Education

Andy Price - Director of Learning Sport & Well-being
Samantha Watkins - 2nd in Department Leader of Learning for PE
Mark Addis - PE/Humanities
Stacey Lyons - PE / Humanities/ Asst. Progress Leader for Year 7
Richard Sheppeard - Progress Leader Year 11
Alison Smith - Progress Leader Year 9
Gavin Williams - Rugby Coach


Religious Studies

Mark Roberts - Leader of Learning
Jaclyn Bowes - Rights Respecting Schools Co-ordinator
Rebecca Thapa
Alex Jones



Joanne Nicholls - Leader of Learning
Judith Parry - 2nd in department
Samantha Edmunds
Darren Jones
Sally Manders
Jonathan Richards - BTEC Nominee
Martyn Ryan
Carys Williamson


Welsh Baccalaureate

Charlie Smith - Leader of Learning Welsh Baccalaureate



Sarah Frederick - Leader of Learning
Jonathon Vaughan - 2nd in department
Catrin Hendy - Progress Leader Year 8
Dale Lloyd - Progress Leader Year 10
Steffan Williams - Director of Pupil Progress


Support Staff

Senior Administration

Finance Director - Mark Davies
Office Manager - Nicola Hughes
Information Technology Manager - Lee Powell
Head’s Personal Assistant/Finance/Clerk to GB - Alison Phillips
ALNCO - Tracy Philpot
Data Officer - Maureen Keating
Examinations’ Officer - Julie Purslow


Office Administration

Attendance Officer - Debbie Allen
Senior Reprographics Officer - Tracey Danter
Administration assistant, EMA - Jackie Wakefield
Administration assistant - Michelle Evans



Information Technology Technician - Matthew Whitcombe
Senior Science Technician - Richard George
Science Technician - John Lewis
Technician for Food, Textiles and Art - Paul Williams
Technician for Engineering & Product Design - Ian Evans


Pastoral Support Assistants

Rebecca Monaghan - Team Leader - Year 10 Pastoral Support Assistant
Sian Edmunds - Year 9 Pastoral Support Assistant
Maria Kowalski - Year 7 Pastoral Support Assistant
Jenna Ford - Year 11 Pastoral Support Assistant
Nicola Jones - Year 8 Pastoral Support Assistant


Learning Coaches

Kelly Hek


Cover Supervisors

Louise Giboney
Nina Lambert

Learning Support : Literacy And Numeracy

Karen Styling - Team Leader
Nicola Morgan



Debbie Bevan


Learning Support: SNSA Individual Support

Helen Watts - Team Leader
Jeff Cleaton
Emma Davies
Joshua Evans
Jo Rees
Samantha Stevens
Nicky Weston
Sarah Williams
Clare Wride


ASTRA & SIRIUS Communication Disorder Unit

Helen Morgan - Teacher
Hayley Searle - Teacher
Sarah Awad - Learning Support Assistant
Caroline Evans - Learning Support Assistant
Gwyneira Evans - Learning Support Assistant
Louise Furlong - Learning Support Assistant
Kevin Morgan - Learning Support Assistant
Louise Morris - Learning Support Assistant
Amanda Pugh - Learning Support Assistant



Site Manager - Martyn Griffiths
Caretaker - Richard Williams