School Facilities

Aberdare Community School knows the importance of having state of the art facilities for education.  We offer a wide variety of facilities which helps our students find their path to the future.


Sports Facilities

We are very excited and pleased to have these facilities to be able to develop and enhance the fitness, health and well-being of all members of our school community and to extend the opportunities available across the curriculum for sports related education.

The new Sobell Sports Centre, which is attached to the new school site, opened at the end of October 2014 and pupils are already enjoying using these facilities for their PE lessons.


ICT Facilities

The school is fully wireless and there are eight computer suites in the school, of which at least two are equipped with Apple Macs. There are also iPad's and around 300 laptops for departments to book and use through their lessons.

The ratio of devices to pupils in our school is around one between two.


PERFORMING Arts Facilities

Performing Arts/ Drama is an exciting new subject in Aberdare Community School. It is a subject where creativity is at the heart of the learning, allowing pupils to explore the world in which they live, in a practical and reflective way. It aims to encourage pupils to use their imagination, develop their self-confidence and thinking skills in a fun and stimulating environment with access to some of the best school theatrical facilities in Wales. This includes a dance studio with mirrors and a sprung floor, a fully equipped drama studio with lighting and sound mixing desks, an extensive selection of theatrical resources and a 250 seat performance space.


Technology Facilities

Aberdare Community School’s Design and Technology department consists of two food technology rooms, three workshops, a textiles room, a graphics room and dedicated ICT suite.

The three workshops have a range of industrial standard workshop machinery as well as modern manufacturing methods; this combination helps us teach traditional practical skills whilst also embracing the latest technology. One workshop is dedicated to Engineering, including milling machines, metal lathes, band saws and a CNC router machine. It also has a welding facility and a metal casting bay. 


Science Facilities

We have 10 modern and well equipped science laboratories and teaching rooms including: 2 specialist Biology labs, 2 specialist Chemistry labs and 2 specialist Physics labs.

Each lab is fully equipped to carry out a wide range of practical and investigative work. Each pair of the specialist labs are adjoined by a preparation room, where equipment is stored and fully qualified technicians are based. 


Music Facilities

We have 3 modern and well equipped music teaching rooms. Along with these we also have a recording studio equipped with the latest of technologies for any type of recording to take place.

We also have 5 peripatetic practice rooms for our future rock stars to practice and learn their craft. Each room is fully sound proofed to carry out a wide range of practical work.