National Reading and Numeracy Tests Results 2017

Dear Parent/Carer,
National Reading and Numeracy Tests that were undertaken in May. These tests are administered annually by the Welsh Government. The national tests give every school in Wales the same information on reading and numeracy skills for all their learners. The tests are not a replacement for other types of assessment used in school across the whole curriculum. The results from the tests add to the information that schools and teachers already have about achievement in reading and numeracy from their work with learners every day in the classroom.

The National Reading Test consists of a number of passages followed by short, closed response and multiple choice type questions. The National Numeracy Test is split into two sections. One section assesses knowledge of numerical procedures such as the four number operations, equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages and work on area and volume. The other, the reasoning test, assesses learners’ ability to apply this knowledge to everyday problems.

As part of the national reading and numeracy testing programme, the test outcomes for individual learners are provided to parents/carers in the form of a Pupil Results Sheet. The Pupil Results Sheet includes notes that will explain the presentation of results. You may also find it useful to refer to the Welsh Government’s Reading and numeracy tests in Wales. Information for parents is available online at: http://learning.gov.wales/resources/browse-all/reading-and-numeracy-tests-information-for-parents-carers/?lang=en

There is also a link on the school website to a useful video which explains the Pupil Results in more detail. 
The link is: http://learning.gov.wales/resources/browse-all/animated-explainer/?lang=en&dgfs

Yours Sincerely
Mr A Davies
Assistant Headteacher