Annual Report to Parents 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

Please see attached the summary Annual Governors Report to Parents. In line with the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013, please see below the guidelines in relation to holding meetings to discuss the report.

If parents want to request a meeting with governors a petition must be received, containing the signatures of 10% of the parents of registered pupils at the school or the signature of 30 parents of registered pupils at the school (whichever is the lower number). The meeting must be held within 25 days of the petition being received but can only be held if there are sufficient days remaining in the school year to accommodate it.

Parents are reminded that this meeting will only be held to discuss a matter relating to the school, not a matter that is personal to an individual group. If you would like to request a meeting, in line with above requirements, please contact Mrs Alison Phillips, Clerk to the Governing Body via e-mail (school@aberdareschool.co.uk) or letter to the above address.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Steve Bradwick

Chairperson of the Governing Body

Aberdare Community School